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October 28, 2015 Sam Saggers

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How would you like to have the confidence of knowing that your property portfolio was going to get you a 10% growth rate each year, every year, give or take a little wriggle room of course? If you’re an experienced investor, you’ll know that’s a huge win.

How easy is it to plan your future knowing that you’re looking at those kinds of consistent or reliable returns?

Come along to our upcoming information night and you’ll see how we’re doing it.

The “beginner mistake” that some people make is thinking (for example) “but I made 20% in Sydney last year”. targetting real estate positive real estateThat’s probably true… but seriously who didn’t? We made our clients a combined $117 million from that market by getting in early. We were in well before the magazines and newspapers were talking about it and got our clients some amazing deals because of it. But I digress…

The important question is, what will you see this year, next year and in 2017? We all know it’s naive to think any one market is going to keep on making you profits like that. Everybody knows that markets have peaks and troughs, the real skill is leveling out these ups, downs and, just as importantly, the stagnant periods in your personal wealth.

That’s the beauty of The 5 City Strategy, as you’ll learn at the information night we’re putting on. For the last 30 years, in good times and bad, this strategy has chugged along solidly.

I want to make that point very clearly… We’re talking in good times AND bad.

Come along to our information night and see the real market data, the proof that we are using to build this kind of reliable, consistent strategy for our clients.

Think about the last 30 years, there were some real disasters that impacted the property market. We had the:

  • 2008 GFC
  • 2008-2012 Global recession
  • 2000 tech bubble burst
  • 1997 Asian currency crisis
  • 1987 “Black Monday” crash
  • Beginning, middle and end of the “commodities super cycle”
  • Bubble and burst of the gold price (remember when it was at $1,800)

This stuff keeps happening, you can’t control it, yet a correctly implemented “5 City Strategy” performed solidly throughout this entire period.

Book your seat now and see how we’re doing it for our clients and how you can profit from this too.

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