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July 14, 2014 Sam Saggers

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Why do you want to invest in property? “To make money of course,” you might say. Well yes, you will make money investing in real estate; however, I sincerely doubt that “making money” is your end goal.

Perhaps you started out with the desire to give your children a better educational opportunity than you had. Or maybe you’ve dreamed of setting up your own business or retiring at a young age to travel the world. Possibly, you simply want to stop punching a time card.

Sometimes – especially when things aren’t quite progressing as we’d hoped – it can be easy to lose sight of our real reasons for creating wealth through property. This is why it’s so important to not only set clear goals, but also to review them on a periodic basis.

Set Your Goals

No matter what you want property investing to do for you, without setting your goals you run the risk of getting stuck – unable to purchase more properties and achieve greater capital growth and/or cash flow opportunities.

Part of a Property Coach’s job is to help people sit down and put their hopes and dreams into concrete, action-oriented goals and tasks designed to help them build their investment property portfolio.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Positive Real Estate one-on-one coaching session might look like, you’re in luck! Our client Debbie Aliste kindly allowed Smart Property Investment Magazine a peek into her first strategy meeting with NSW Head Coach Todd Polke.


If you want to learn how Debbie got started on the road to success, why not sign up for our free Positive Real Estate Membership? You’ll receive great advice straight to your inbox with tips on how to improve your investing to get the highest return on your investment. Click the button below to gain access!


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