Don’t Count On The Pension… Count On Yourself!

August 18, 2014 Sam Saggers

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Don't count on the pension...count on yourself!

It’s often a topic of conversation around the water cooler at work or perhaps at the pub with our mates: the pension.

More specifically, we wonder how in the world anyone is expected to live on such a small sum and we worry that our super won’t be enough to let us live comfortably in our retirement years – even after we make large salary sacrifice contributions.

Unfortunately, this is a legitimate concern for many Australians; statistics reveal that the average superannuation balance for males is just $183,000 and for females it’s only $93,000. Given the fact that just 10% of Australians have more than $100,000 in their super, we’re going to see the number of individuals on the pension explode as their super gets eaten up quickly.

How do you avoid the pension? Or more specifically, how do you fund your own retirement, making any concerns about the pension a moot point since you’ll obviously be far too wealthy for it to matter?

By making your money grow through investing in property.

Share investing can be profitable, however unlike property investing, much of your results from buying shares are dependent upon others. When investing in real estate, you can control much of the outcome!

No matter your age or your financial standing, you very likely can get started investing in property right where you’re at – and quicker than you might imagine!

The goals you have and the strategies you use will be dependent upon your own unique situation. Just have a quick look at the success stories of Positive Real Estate clients. They run the gamut from young to old, from single to married, from poor to wealthy and at all stages in between!

But back to you and your retirement.

You’ve been alive long enough to know that there will always be changes to the pension and in fact, many experts argue that it’s currently an untenable program without some serious modifications.

Perhaps they will make it right…perhaps they won’t; that’s why you’ve got to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and find a way to invest that will put you in charge of when you can retire – and on what terms!

But what if you’re very near retirement? Is it possible to create a profitable investment portfolio in a short amount of time?

Yes, it most certainly is. It’s never too late to start.

In fact, take a look at the following graph. It compares the number of investment loans taken out in March of 2010 and in March of 2014, separating them according to age groups:

proportion with property investment loan

Source: Roy Morgan Research

As you can see, individuals aged 50 and over account for a sizeable portion of property investors in Australia! This chart doesn’t break out whether these investors where first time or seasoned investors, but the point is that no matter when your birthday, property investing is how many Australians are choosing to fund their retirement.

It’s never too late to get started investing in property!

One plan that we recommend is known as the Automatic Acquisition Plan. It’s simply a well thought out plan to purchase 10 properties within 10 years to create a positive cash flow property portfolio to fund your lifestyle and/or your retirement.

Your individual situation is unique, however, so it’s important to know that there are many strategies you can use to improve your financial situation – even if you’re near retirement age.

Whether you’re just now considering purchasing an investment property or you “tried it once and failed”, all it takes to succeed is an understanding of the market and the confidence to get out there and buy.

To learn more about how you can fund your own retirement, sign up for your FREE Positive Real Estate Membership. You’ll gain access to a world of information which thousands of investors have used to create financial freedom for themselves and their families.

You are under no obligation and can cancel at any time.


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