Timing in the Market is Key to Slashing Time IN the Market

December 16, 2013 Sam Saggers

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Timing the Market is Key to Slashing Time in the Market

Common real estate investing wisdom would have us believe that you can only grow your property investment portfolio over a long period of time.

Sound confusing? Let me put it another way. Timing our purchases in the market will dictate our growth return much more than time IN the market. If we buy at the right time – during the growth phase of a property market cycle – then we will enjoy gains much more quickly than if we had purchased at the wrong time in the cycle.

The point is to buy at the lowest possible price point which means we’re either buying at the bottom of the market or when the market has started to move towards recovery. While it’s true that market cycles do typically last from 7 to 10 years in Australia, the actual time when property values are growing is a short window – typically anywhere from one to three years!

That means during the rest of the 10 year cycle, the market is correcting itself – i.e. not necessarily growing in value and sometimes even slipping a bit. Which leads us back to my point; if you buy right before the growth period of that property cycle you’ve got the best chance of getting the greatest possible discount.

Boost your profits even more by doing a bit of cosmetic renovation during that same time and you’ve supercharged your property investing efforts simply by buying at the right time – “timing the market”!

At Positive Real Estate, we strive to help investors shorten their investing time. We want them to make their money within their first two years of ownership. Sound impossible? It’s not.

Part of buying well includes buying at the right time. When we focus our efforts on creating a strategy that will allow us to grow our wealth just a little bit faster – let’s say two to five years – the success we enjoy creates momentum that propels us forward in our property investing efforts!

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