What will 2015 bring? Its entirely up to you

January 5, 2015 Sam Saggers

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New Years Resolution

If you’re like most people, now that the packages have all been opened, maybe a toy or two broken…(sigh) you take a few moments between the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the New Year to begin thinking about resolutions.

Did you set any resolutions for 2014?

Was one of them to finally get into the property market?

If you reached your goal and bought your first property, congratulations… keep setting more and before you know it, you’ll have met your long-term goals!

If you didn’t, think about what stopped you.

Buying property is a big commitment certainly, but if you let yourself get stuck in “analysis paralysis”, always searching, but never actually buying you’ll miss out on all of the great opportunities this New Year will bring!

To help you stick to your goals remember the following:

  • First, remember why you’re setting goals. They’re not simply an item on your “to do” list (the “to do” list are the tasks needed to achieve the goal). At their core they need to be something you truly desire because when things get hard it will help you power through any obstacles.
  • Schedule time each week, month or quarter (at least) to review your goals and adjust as necessary. Put it on your calendar and treat it as a meeting – don’t cancel unless you absolutely must. This is your future so it’s worth it!
  • Get outside help. Have your partner, a friend or family member routinely ask you where you’re at in your goals. Accountability can work wonders for your motivation.
  • Make it a competition. If competition really gets you going, place a small bet with a friend or even just against yourself, that you will do Y by X date. Make the outcome dependent entirely upon you, not external “chance” factors.

    For example, don’t say you will gain $10,000 in capital growth in the next 3 months…say something like “I’ll send out 30 offers in the next two weeks”.

Get ready to get to work and make 2015 the year you cross “buy an investment property” off your list!

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